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OA15' - 2030, Vision of Europe

with Informe Pastran TV

2030, Vision of Europe - 5 trends and 3 revolutions

WHY TALK ABOUT THE VISION OF EUROPE OF THE WORLD in 2030? (first part Introduction 17/10/2017 - 15' Video)

  • 60 years of peace and development
  • 28 countries - multicultural (language, religion, roots ...) 
  • 512Millions of inhabitants (+ 1.8M per year) vs 325M USA 
  • GDP 16,000 billion (22.7% worldwide) (almost 19,000 B. USA and 12,000 B. China)

5 trends

  1. A richer, older population, characterized by the rise of the middle class and growing inequality in the world
  2. A more vulnerable globalization process, led by an "economic G3" USA, CHINE, EUR.
  3. A transforming industrial and technological revolution
  4. Growing convergence between climate change, energy and competition for natural resources
  5. Reorganization of power structures, interdependence and fragile multilateralism.
1st PART - 17.10.2017

3 global revolutions (challenges)

  1. The global economic and technological revolution (Remodeling the economy + Towards a society of change and innovation
  2. The world social and democratic revolution (Fighting inequalities + Restoring Trust in Democracy)
  3. The global geopolitical revolution (Strengthening the international role of the European Union)

Focus Nicaragua and Europe?

Exportations from Nicaragua - European Union in 2016

211.3 million dollars, which represents 9% of Nicaragua's total exports. The main European destinations are: United Kingdom (47.9 million); France (32.4 million); Belgium (29.6 million); Italy (28.9 million) and Germany (26.2 million)

Nicaragua and Vision 2030? (second part)

Como Nicaragua participa a estos retos globales?

La revolución económica y tecnológica global

- competitividad y innovacion con Comission Nicaragua 2040: FUNIDES, APEN, UPANIC, CADIN,COSEP..,

- Urbanismo: plan maestro Managua con Japon, APP: nueva ley, (DPI)…, inversiones puertos, carreteras, hospitales…

La revolución geopolítica global con un multilateralismo que se reinventa (por tema)

Alianzas regionales, tratos multilaterales (Acuerdo de Associacion Europa (dialogo politico, cooperacion y libre comercio), Acuerdo de Paris sobre le Clima, Colaboraciones con Asia, Alianzas Rusia…), EUROCAM (Italia, Espana, Alemania, Francia), alianzas de bolsa de valores, acuerdos multilaterales sobre asunto de aduanas….

La revolución social y democrática mundial

Punto historico y comentarios:

- Empezo en Europe durante la Antigua Grecia: 600 anos antes Christo (aqui era la temporada Maya) democracia popular (pueblo menos mujeres y esclavos??)

- despues de 3 revoluciones mayores todavia no tenemos una democracia perfecta: La « révolution » anglaise (1649 et 1688) + La Révolution américaine (1776) + La Révolution française (1789) – modelo imperfecto que debe reinventarse

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